Monometal Bullet Choice for Elk 6.5 PRC


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Nov 14, 2022
Elk Hunt this Oct in NE New Mexico. Setup is Defiance XM action (3.24” mag length); 26” 1:8 Proof carbon barrel. Looking towards a monometal bullet.

Barnes 127 LRX
Badlands Bd-2 125
Hammer Hunter 124
PVA Cayuga 122

Shot range is generally inside 500 yards. Any thoughts on which of these would be better than others?
Just my 2 cents worth here. I develop loads for and load hunting ammo for several friends. 2021 one friend acquired a 6.5 PRC and only bullets I could put my hands on at the time were the 127 LRX. I am definitely a Barnes fan so this is NOT a slam on Barnes. Anyway they shot the best from his rifle at a little over 3100 FPS. He shot a 4.5 year old bull at 475 yards and the bull took 5 shots to vitals before going down. He shot a 2.5 year old cow at around 100 yards and she took 7 shots before giving up. Finally got some 140 Bergers to load for 2022. They are loaded to just under 3100 FPS and both elk he shot were DRT.
I haven’t confirmed distance yet. He’s been very busy. I have another friend who shoots a 6.5 PRC with 143 ELDX and most everything he shots with it drops in its tracks.
I have shot quite a bit of game, deer and elk with 7mm and 30 Caliber mono( TTSX) bullets and I honestly have not seen nearly as many dramatic kills with these bullets as with more rapidly expanding bullets……
I personally think if I were going to hunt elk with a mid speed 6.5 cartridge I would go with a projectile the expands rapidly…..again this is just my 2 cents and some experiences I’ve seen
I guess the biggest drawback (if it is one) with mono bullets that I have seen, is that I have seldom seen tremendous blood trails to follow….
I have done load development in the past with the 127 and was getting 3180fps with that. My normal load is berger 156 eol at 3010 but I worry about using them inside 100 yards. I was curious about the Hammers and Badlands as my understanding they both shed petals whereas the Lrx does not.
A friend of mine shot a big bodied bull with that 156 from a PRC at archery distance this past season and it absolutely CRUSHED him.
I’m glad to see though that others worry about the same scenarios that I do.
This past season was the first I’ve actually ever hunted and shot elk with the Berger bullets and was very happy with results.
My 2 elk were at 305 & 345 yards but I never know if I’m going to get a shot at ten yards so that concerns me with the Berger as well
The only one I would not consider is the Barnes on your list. I know the Hammer Hunter will do it, the other 2 monos I don't have experience with.
Below is the result of this shot placement and the heart and lungs with a 143 HammerHunter, 7mm at 100 yards.


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