6.5 bullet choice

Hard to believe they penciled through at 100 and performed better at 400, but that would make me change! The 150 Matrix has a (Litz measured) G7 of .310. We have had good success with them so far out to 440 but would really like to connect on something way out there. My elk hunting was interrupted with moving this year so missed the boat...............Rich

Ya I have only shot bergers out of my 243 and liked the 1/2 moa I was able to hold out to 500, but couldn't figure that one out? both the ones that penciled through were behind the shoulder shots. So no big bone was hit. I never recovered any of the other bullets as I quick quarter in the field
don't be afraid to try nos 120 bts. Its the only bullet my 264mag would shoot decently (its out being rebarreled right now) so I was forced to use it. Over 3 years ive probably killed 30 deer with it ranges from 100 to a bit over 500 and its allway got the job done. Just about a 100 percent bang flop kills, and ive never noticed any more meat damage with a properly placed shot then a 150 grain o6 or 130 grain 270 using bts gave me.
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