Model 70 bolt question


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Jun 12, 2012
Is it normal for a bolt on a Model 70 to close easier with the safety in the 1/2 on position, as opposed to the fire position?

I don't know if this is new, or I just never noticed it before. Just got done bedding it and I am in the process of working up some loads. (first time with this rifle).
At first I thought I had an issue with my sizing of new brass, but then threw in a factory load and it felt exactly the same. I'm bewildered since I can't see where it would make a difference.
Any gunsmiths out there that can explain it to me?
When the safety is in the 1/2 position it (the safety) has the firing pin in is control with the main spring fully compressed (the rifle is 'cocked' if you close the bolt and move the safety to the 'fire' postion, is it not?). With the safety "off" the main spring isn't compressed all the way and you will feel it as it is compressed to the 'cocked' position as you close the bolt.
All of mine close effortlessly in the middle position and take a little effort when the safety is off. I can't explain why but shortgrass's explanation sounds good.
Thanks everyone. Moving on with reloading. Got my Bergers loaded at different COALs. Waiting for the rain to stop.
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