model 70 question 22-250


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Aug 25, 2009
have a coyote lite in 22-250, has a magazine box with the spacer at the rear. of course my loads are too long for the magazine, the way i like to load them. was wondering? does anyone know if a magazine box,spring and follower for a 243, would work , with the 22-250 cartridge? wouldnt know how to modify the box i have now, only needs a slight increase in length to do it. like 20-30 thousandths. In the mean time ordered a score high single shot follower. thanks!lightbulb
I will ask my cousin he has a pretty good knowledge of Model 70 Win Coyotes. In the mean-time check out J.E. Customs post on boltface diameter as a possible referance. I dont know if the ''crimped'' sleve would hold 22-250 brass in the slot or if theyd fly out the top, or if the spring would push the bullet up to the angle it needs to feed smoothly. Ill see If my cousin knows. Good Luck:cool:
He didnt know. Sorry. But It sounds like a fun experiment. Keep us posted on how it turns out if you decide to give it a whirl. Good luck:)
thanks winmag, I would like to find a used magazine box and follower to try, hate to buy new, if it wont work? maybe a gunsmith could lengthen the one i have a bit ? thanks,again
yes the block can be nocked out ground down and replaced the bolt stop may or maynot have to be ground down may have to solder a spacer on folower check out any wsm on winchester mod 70 sa
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