Another Model 70 bedding question


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Jun 12, 2012
I want to bed my synthetic Model 70 since the lug epoxy that was originally installed is soft and chipping away. The stock also binds in a couple spots too. Been researching this for a while and have most of the supplies, but came up with a couple questions.

Question 1;
To remove the trigger and sear, I just tap out the 3 pins holding them in, correct?

Question 2;
In regards to the magazine box metal, do I just tape up where it fits in the action and then just trim away any epoxy that is in the way after bedding to get it to slide into the stock?

Question 3;
I was going to use some long action screws with tape of them for guides when bedding the action. Does anyone know what size screws they are? I thought they were 1/4/28, but they don't match. 1/4-32" maybe? Or should I just wax the original and use them?

Hope that makes sense.
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