Model 70 300 WSM build tell menwhat you think.

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  1. Clndesl

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    Oct 21, 2011
    Ok now that I have my 700 all dialed I'm I'm going to build my first rifle the post 64 model 70 in 300wsm. I'm going to keep the caliber the same formsimplicity and I think that is a pretty good caliber (unless you guys think I shouldmchange it). This gun is going to be my fun gun no real purpose just for long range targets and maybe some long range hunting that doesnt involve alot of walking. Here are my thoughts please let me know what you think and give me some guidance. I'm thinking choate ultimate sniper stock, trigger job, number 4 or 5 barrel (unsure of brand or size imput please) and of coarse a good scope. Thanks
  2. Clndesl

    Clndesl Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2011
    Happy turkey day anyone have any advice
  3. milico409

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    Jan 26, 2011
    I am getting ready for retirement and decided I wanted to jazz up my post 64 mdl 70 30.06. Here are my changes:

    Choate Ultimate Varmit stock

    Lothar Walther 26" barrel gun)

    Millet trs1 4-16-50

    Harris bipod 6-9 in.

    I hope to be shooting it with in the next few weeks. I purchased the mdl 70 back in 95 to go hunting with my father. Based on research, seems the rifle was made in 1973. It had a 22" barrel and it shot pretty good.

    "I had a motorcycle wreck which jacked up my ability to properly mount a standard rifle. I liked the look of the Choate Varmit stock and not being a gunsmith (but have a friend who is) I provided him the parts. I wanted a 24 in
    barrel but according to the barrel maker, a 26 would yield better ballistics.
    Being that I am a retiring police officer I know more about handguns than rifles(I know some Swat guys but....), I relied on reading this site and others to determine which direction I wanted to go. My smith's last comment to me about the build is this rifle is looking bad-a--.

    I don't think you will go wrong. Lots of Ideas out there. As soon as its finished and I get the chance to shoot it I'll know if my thoughts were right.

    gun)Happy Hunting....
  4. winmag

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    Dec 23, 2009
    I love the Model-70's. I'm also a HUGE fan of 30 cal's. I also settled on Choate for an aftermarket stock.....
    but decided to keep my wood one, float the barrel, & glass the action + about 2" past barrel lugg to see if I can get consistant sub MOA on my Model-70, 300 Wby before I decide if I'm gonna order a barrel & Choate stock to go with it.

    Anyway, my research here on LRH, & other places has showed:
    To all be top notch. There's a lot of guys here who shoot any number of the above mentioned & love em'.
    I will say I've hered the most positive feedback about Brux latley, but all of the ones I mentioned have excelent ratings, & reviews.
    I don't have any first hand knowledge of them to share, yet....
    Good luck with your build!
  5. Iron Worker

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    Apr 3, 2004
    Long Live BRUX Barrels !