Mis-aligned Scope Mount Holes


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Nov 8, 2007
Belgrade, MT
I shoot a custom 280AI built from a Rem. 700 action. I shot this gun for 2 years with no problems at all. It shoots great, sub .5 MOA if I do my job. About a year ago I sent my Swaro scope in for service, when it came back I had my smith re-mount it for me..took it to the range and ran out of horizontal adjustment in order to hit center. Turns out the scope mount holes are mis-aligned slightly. The more I have read on this, it doesn't seem to all un-common in the 700 factory actions. Had I known at the time I wouldn't have built on that action though.

To get me through this hunting season I used the Leupold windage adjustable mounts and had no problems. Just recently I ordered a new Leupold 30mm scope for the rifle. I have heard some not-so-good reports on the windage adjustable bases, and want to set up this new scope the best way possible given the mis-aligned holes. I know some people really like them though.

I have read some good things on the Burris Signature rings that are windage adjustable. What bases would you recommend if I used the Burris rings? Is Burris the best option?? How do they work exactly? Or should I just stick with the Leupold bases?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Drake4, I might have missed something, was the Swaro zeroed before sending it in to have the work? What was wrong with the scope? If it is the reciever, I'm wondering why this wasn't a problem before the work was done?

The swaro shot great before I sent it off. I have a feeling I must have been right on the edge of my windage allowance before sending it off. When I got the scope back and re-mounted I was about 1 inch from center at 200 yards. That's when I had the smith check my mount holes.
There's nothing wrong with the windage adjustable rings/base that you have. However, if you wanted a double dovetail set then the Burris Signature rings would resolve your problem. You can also use a Weaver or Picatinny base with the matching set of Signature Rings.

Check the Burris web site and look at the off-set inserts. When properly installed they can correct the problem you're having with the mounting holes being off.
You may be able to have your smith setup your reciver and redrill the holes and re-tap them. It would also matter how much off center the holes were. If they are off to much it may not be fesiable. Just make sure he goes with a big enough thread to remove all of the old threads and have a clean hole to tap.
Drake, I feel your pain. I bought a 700 SPS in .243 a year ago and just got around to scoping it a couple weeks ago.
I am using a EGW 20 MOA one piece base and an IOR scope which I pulled from my AR-10. On the AR-10 the scope required little to no windage adjustment. On this 700 I had to turn in ~30 MOA to get centered during bore sighting. I pulled the scope off and mounted my alignment tool and checked and it is definently not aligning with the bore. SO I remounted the base and tried to tweak it as far as possible which only bought me a few MOA.
I talked to one of Rem's service shops and they told me that it is common for there to be some misalignment and that mine may be out of tolerence.
I am going home tonight and check it again to make sure before I send it back.

I am pretty ****ed since I bought this gun as a base to build off of. I knew I would be replacing a things over time as I build it up, but right off the bat I have found the stock is junk (expected) and a real weak point, trigger is garbage and needs to be replaced (not expected), barrel is better than expected, but now the reciever appears to have misaligned base holes. I am now wondering why I bought this rifle as there is nothing usable here, maybe the bolt?
I should have just started with a Bat action as I had originally planned.
Not sure how far they're off, but maybe you could have them re-drilled to an 8 screw to correct the problem. ???
Well, i just confirmed my incompetence again. I just finished re-doing everything again and the base looks relatively true to bore. However, i also discovered how much windage i can get through the torque sequence of the ring screws. I retorqued them, but this time i torqued one side of the ring and then the other in way that i am now with in -6 moa of zero bore-sighting. That's a huge difference. Maybe i will start looking at premium rings.
Current rings are Burris xtreme, aligned and lapped.
I just fired a few rounds to get it zero at 500. After a few shots i walked it into a spray paint can, with crazy winds. I am pretty impressed with the groups considering the load probably isn't the best, the trigger makes me sad, and the stock should be melted down and turned into a septic tank. Good job Remington. Now i can start tricking it out.
I almost forgot to mention, i am now 1/4 moa from scope zero on windage.

Any luck with yours Drake?
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