Spotting scope for 6.5 bullet holes?


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Nov 19, 2003
Kanab, UT
Can ANY spotting scope allow the shooter to see a 6.5mm bullet hole on a paper target at 1000 yards?

If not, what scope would give one the longest bullet hole spotting ability, and about how far would that be for a 6.5mm?

I can see .50 cal holes with my Meopta Hermes II at 1K most of the time, but the 6.5's start to dissapear at around 500 yards for me.

So far I have been told the Leica APO's are about as good as you can get, but I have none to look through.

Thanks in advance
for less money than big high quality optic better is to go with small camera and radio transmitter the cost is below 300 USD and quality is far better than big optic for tinny holes at 1K and than far more confottable , you can check your impact from bench or prone with top confort

good shooting

I have a Leica APO and have seen 6mm holes in the Wight at 1000 yards. One day at Iowa 1000 yard BR club I was shooting my 338 Yogi wall weighting for the other shooters I was looking at my target and could see the bullets with my Nightforce 8x32 after the range master called make the line safe and remove your equipment I looked at my target with the Leica APO and could see the bullet holes in the blue centre of the target. At the nationals in VA this year I was looking true a set of big eyes maid by KOWA looked like big binoculars molded one piece not the ones in a bracket with interchangeable eyepieces I viewed with 30 power eyepiece and a 50 or 60 eye peace and could see the bullet holes at over 1000 Yards in. To see the bullet holes it has to be perfect conditions little to no mirage with the right light.
Crow Mag

Fascinating idea! I am a bit a camera buff myself. Tell me more details of how this works.

Go here:

Just one idea but shows relative costs.

What I do for aerial images is use a video pencil camera attached to the view finder, thus I see what the camera sees.

But I'm not about to set the $5K camera anywhere near a target (there's aways that chance).

There are about as many ways to skin this cat are there are people who want to do the skinning.

Just google on wireless camera, and have fun.
Thanks for the replies and the suggestions.

The match rules my friend is bound by, only allow an optical spotting scope and a spotter next to the shooter, no video stuff.

Everything seems to be pointing to the Leica APO. One other suggestion was picking up bullets in flight in the spotting scope. I have been able to do this before when the light was right, but not every time....This fellow intimated that with practice, you can spot them every time, and follow them to the target, seeing where they hit. Supposedly the shock wave makes them easier to see?

Have any of you refined this magical art?
I have only seen one that could. Jerry Phillips (215)757-5037 was selling a set of bigeyes with swift 80 mm two years ago at the nationals and we could easily see the bullets at 1000. cost was around $1600-1800.

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