Millet Scope Gone Bad


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Feb 26, 2003
This scope is about three weeks old. Died on the second time to the range.

Millet 6x25 30MM tube, 56MM objective with MIL-DOTs. Started out as a seemingly nice scope. Little heavy, but that was ok for this appliaction.

Something funny happened on the first shot. Insides shook or something like that. From then on had to adjust the objective to full range - infinity - setting to focus it at 100 yards.

On one of the last shots the scope went all blurry. Adjusted the objective way back the other direction and it focused at a setting of less than 25 yards.

Next shot and it was over. Couldn't see anything but blur at any setting.

Should I send it back and get my money back or get it fixed by the manufacturer?

Oh yeah, it was on a 17+ pound 7MM RUM with a muzzle brake. The RUM recoils about the same as a 25-06 now, so I thought it would be safe for the Millet.

this is not good news, I have a millet 6.5x25x56 standard reticle, with only about 20 rounds under it. so far it is fine, I am working up loads for the 300 ultra mag. I beleive Bounty hunter had a problem with the millet 6.5x25x56 standard reticle, sent it back a few times, then they exchanged it for the mil-dot. i will try that route if I have a problem.

I originally had the duplex reticle and it had spots on the front lens coating. Sent it back and they agreed to exchange for on of the first new mil dots. So guess I had one of the first of each. I have not had any problem with my mil dot for over a year. Probably put 200 rds plus of 300 WSM shooting 190 gr bullets down range with it sitting on top. Everything working fine and surprising clarity and return to zero for a scope of that price range. NF copy and just as heavy, only gripe. Kind of overpowers the Win Coyote though.

This could quite be infant mortality. IE. if it breaks right off, it was obviously defective from the start. Something did happen within the first few shots. Couldn't quite identify what it was though. Scope still worked as I could adjust the paralax so that it would focus at 100 yds, even though it was on the max infinity setting.

Guess I send it to Millet instead of getting my money back ...


I bought this to see if I was having problems with a Leupold 6.5x20 LRT. The rifle and I shoot the same with either scope.

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So I finally got around to taking the big Millet off of the rifle. Picked it up and was going to look through it when I heard something rattle.

Turns out the objective lense is loose and quite loose at that. How strange.


Bought the Millet to see if the Leupold was broken. Guess that didn't work out.

Put the Leupold 6.5x20 LTR back on.
I was just about to order that 30 mm Millet and was just on this site to look for info on special mount bases.
I e-mailed Millet, they were very nice and said they would send me a new one, all I had to do was send it to them.

I also e-mailed Graphs where I bought it, they said they would give me refund, all I had to do was send it back.

Both were very helpful and provided excellent service.

So from that stand point I see little risk in giving one a try.

The Millet 6x25 30MM tube, 56MM objective with MIL-DOTs scope is quite large, so don't be surprised by that.

I was surpised by how the mirage stood out while looking at a target at 100 yds. Not sure if that was a good thing or not.

It is a full featured scope for the money. 30mm tube, target knobs like the LR Leupold, MIL-DOTs, etc. I didn't get a chance to do much more than sight it in and shoot a few, rounds so that is all the review I can provide.

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