Michigan gunsmiths?


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Apr 9, 2020
Can anyone recommend a competent smith in the West Michigan area? Have a custom action I'm looking to build on here shortly and my recent experience with the only one in the area I know who claims to focus on precision rifles gave me a very dim view of their operation. Firstly they flat out lied, numerous times, about the timeline (I get it, everyone is busy, don't tell me 3 weeks when it's going to be 3 months). More egregiously, the brake I requested be flush turned (carbon barrel) and opened up to caliber was merely screwed on, very roughly chamfered, and never opened up to caliber. Needless to say, glad I checked before firing. So, I'm looking for a smith who can fix that issue for me and hopefully build my next rifle! Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks y'all!

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