MG Arms Project

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    Jun 8, 2011
    I got the call today and my Winchester model 70 Weather Extreme is done:D
    Bought my rifle, winchester 70 extreme weather SS, sold the stock and factory barrel and sent action to MG Arms.

    MG arms stock, solid bottom, mercury recoil reducer, Pac Nor stainless, fluted 23" barrel, muzzle brake for bench work, cap for hunting, trigger job, talley stainless bases, quick release lever rings, metal done in black teflon, stock south texas zebra print, leupold 3.5-10X50, CDS, zeroed 200yards. .52 groups with my factory 165gr Barnes TTSX:) Chrono average 3100fps

    I had this rifle built in anticipation of drawing my GMU 133 plains rifle deer tag for CO this fall and drew the tag:D Will be using my McWhorter custom 300wsm for 1st season Elk/Bear 180gr 180TTSX hand loads and then my Zebra beauty for my deer hunt, what is cool GMU 133 has whitetail in the bottoms and mule deer on the range.............

    Will do pics and full range report when she gets home:)