Mesa Precision stock for Terminus?


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Jan 23, 2020
Anyone using a Mesa Precision with their Apollo or Kratos lite?

Manners lead time is 6-8 months and I'm wondering how the Mesa inletting is and if anyone is running one?
Mesa is good about inletting new stocks. If they don't have it set up, send your action and they'll hook you up. I had them do a RimX action for me and they were quick and it was spot on
How quick? I'd prefer not to have to ship my barreled action around if I can avoid it, but I guess that might be my only option?
I'd start by calling them and seeing if they have the inletting for it. How quick depends on how many orders they are behind but generally 6-8 weeks is what I've seen for stock delivery
I have two Mesa Precision stocks, they are greats stocks that are very light. The fit and finish is outstanding
So far their service has been fantastic! Can't wait to get my stock. They were extremely quick to reply via both phone and email, inexpensive shipping, and they're hooking me up with some nice action screws for only $10.