Memorial Day

To all those who have and/or do serve.... this Miller's for YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

It would be Bud, but Miller don't donate a percentage of sales to the anti-gunners!!! Screw Bud!
Happy Memorial Day to all!!! This is the day to remember our fallen heros!!! Hey I work for the guys that make BUD and as far as I know they finance a lot of shooting and hunting stuff. Look who promotes some of the outdoor shows on TV. I think you will find that it is Aheuser Busch. In their catalogs to buy shirts and so on they always have hunting stuff. I don't know if it is wise to slander a giant promoter like that because they could just turn tail and say the Hell with us. Now if you were talking about ATT I would agree. They give to the Benton Foundation which advocates under kids rights gun control!!!
I know you should not mix Bud with any of the shooting sports. It gives me a headache and I tend to see three targets at the same time. Only kidding. Give me a call and let me know what time we are going to PA for the 1000yd shoot.

Coors light is better!!
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