Medium Range rifle


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Jun 20, 2001
I am currently having a medium range rifle built. It is a tight neck 300 Ultra Mag., 30" Kreiger 1 in 10 twist barrel. Accurrized 700 action and McMillan A-3 stock. I am going to use the Nightforce 8-32 with the NP-R2 reticle. My actual question is on bullets. This rifle will be used on everything from Rock chucks to Deer and Antelope. I am not sure what bullets to use. Obviously I want to maximize accuracy, BC., and velocity. I am looking at the Berger 210's and Sierra 220 MK. I am also looking at GS customs HV bullets. I would like to find some info on JLK bullets. I can't find a website, so I don't know what weights are available or what the corresponding BC.'s are. If anyone can help me out with some advice or BC.'s I would appreciate it.
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