Me & the Dog First Time Out


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Jan 20, 2004
Blackfoot, Idaho
Sandy Claus brought me a Foxpro of some sort with a cool little remote.

I recently acquired the dog of my dreams. This little girl is more compatible with me than any dog I've ever had. Sweet to have around, very easy to train, first time she saw cows she knew what to do and had the moxie to do it.

From her actions she seemed to me to have the make'n of a vote dog. One that teases 'em in not the hound type that runs 'em down.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful snow covered ground and little wind which happened to be blowing in my favor for a change.

I packed up the Foxpro, the SIG 556 and Tosh, the dog, and for a stroll we went.

About 300 yards into it the local pack went to yipping over by the river. We headed that way.

I selected the "500 yard knob" behind my shoot'n buddy's place for the set.

Turns out I did it all wrong. Simply sat on the wrong side of the sage brush.

There are usually two of us with one facing east and one Facing west. At that spot my direction has been West and I have been the only one getting shots. So.....I face west with the the tall sage at my back.

I get set and fire up some female yote music. Knowing nothing about anything but distressed rabbit calls I played a medley of female yote tunes.

The dog comes into the call trying to see what's hide'n in the speaker and acting all kinds of goofy.

All of a sudden something gets her attention. As I watch her I see that her eyes and head is following something that is coming our way with her nose.

When I finally decide I best get in gear, I have to turn around and peak over the sage, and darn, there's a yote @ about 75 yards going into the Russian olives never to be seen again.

Well cool, the dog's eyes are way better than mine and without a signal from me, which I wasn't smart enough to give she stood firm and watched.

I figured what the hey and kept playing different tunes. Tosh came over to the other side of me an sat down and watched as though she knew what she was doing. Hell, maybe she did. This dog and I connect, some times I simply think it and she does it.

For the first time out I'm pretty pumped.[user]=137102281&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

However, the down side of things is that the darn dog is gun shy.:roll eyes: I've never been able to cure gun shyness in a dog. Maybe a suppressor will help. lightbulb

Here she is doing her thing.