Mating Scopes To Rifles, Barrels & Stocks


Mar 6, 2008
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Mating Scopes To Rifles, Barrels & Stocks

Mating Scopes To Rifles, Barrels & Stocks
By Don Bitz - Owner - Stocky's Stocks

Since the telescopic sight took off in popularity after WWII nearly every bolt-action rifle in the world and indeed many other types of rifles, wear some sort of magnifying optic as a means to place their projectiles more accurately. The reasoning behind this is simple; if you can't see it you can't shoot it. The magnifying glass...

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Sep 15, 2012
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Good article with a lot of important information. All gunsmiths should know it but many do not.

For my 6.5 CM Ruger Precision Rifle with its factory Pic. rail I bought a Nightforce Unimount 34 mm one piece base to avoid having to lap them. High quality one-piece mounts are my favorites for this reason, they put no uneven, torquing pressure on the scope tube.
I have a Bushnell ERS 3.5 - 21 x 50 scope W/ H59 "Christmas tree reticle. I seldom need to dial during competition with that reticle.

I am geting two more Nightforce one-piece mounts, one for my .300 Win mag Browning stainless A-Bolt and one for my 6.5 CM Ruger American Predator deer rifle (Boyd's Classic laminated stock & Timmy trigger). Both rifles now have Picatinny rails on them which also helps prevent ring misalignment if using two separate rings.

Measuring for correct mount height is critical. I want the scope as low as possible in hunting rifles for fast target acquisition and "automatic" centering of my eye with a slight shadow evenly around my scope picture to assure no parallax in case I forgot to turn the side focus knob.

All my rifles have a high comb/cheek piece for a good cheek weld to get proper scope alignment. I had to put a "self-adhesive" low cheek piece on my Browning A-Bolt synthetic stock to get this cheek weld.

For this reason opened bolts barely miss the combs in my Browning and Ruger hunting rifles. High, straight combs (not Monte Carlo combs) also help recoil move straighter back to reduce muzzle flip. My RPR has the barrel in line with its AR style stock attachment for virtually no muzzle rise. A great design.

Eric B.
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