markV biuld?

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    Nov 24, 2011
    to make along story short, i have a markV 308 that needs a re-barrel due to rust/pitting. i had a problem controlling the humidity in the safe... recently i have been researching for a new rifle, since this one needs a barrel i am shifting my attention to my markV to build something that fits me. it is a 6 lug bolt so switching to a magnum case is out of the question.

    after some research i found some 208g Amax loads for the .308 and they look promising. i am thinking about doing a build around this bullet.

    i would be going with a 24 inch hart barrel with a 10 twist and a brake.

    from what i have read 2650fps is possible.

    i am not set on this, just looking for options and advice.