Mamba 6 for sell.


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Mar 7, 2012
Elk Garden,WVa
Mamba 6. 30inch draw. 70lb. Ripcord drop away rest. Good bow. Nothing wrong with it. Just don't use it anymore. 400.00 shipping and insurance included.


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I've never seen that rest before.
Trying to figure out how it works.
I have the APA rest on my Viper Air.
Have thought about upgrading to the Mamba for a while now.
I used the mamba 6 on an NM elk hunt with compass west outfitters. Killed a 310 inch 5x5 with it. I treestand hunt with my mathews for whitetail. Can't draw elk tags anymore. Draw Odds are ridiculous.
Really debating on this one!
Really like the Mambas that I have shot.
When I ordered the Viper it was set up from APA with a 50lb draw weight.
I lose a little fps, but the deer don't hear me geunting to pull it back. Lol
Made a world of difference especially during late season, when you're sitting for a few hours in the cold.
Too bad people don't have more exposure to them.
Hoyt, PSE, and a few others spend the ridiculous money on advertising, so they are who people think of when searching for a bow.

I really think if people got their hands on one, and saw the features they have, (the built-in carry handle, built-in hook to hang it on a limb, built-in nock tool, built-in broadhead wrench) and how smooth they draw and quiet there would be a bigger demand for them.

My daughter had a Diamond Infinite Edge set up for 35lb draw.
At the Harrisburg Outdoors Show she was shooting a 70lb draw Mamba.
She has since ordered, and gotten a Mamba factory set for 50lb draw weight.