Making Your Semi-Custom Rifle Look Custom By Bryan Chatwell


Mar 6, 2008
The point that I am getting at is that many of us have semi-custom rifles built on factory actions that shoot great but just don’t have that custom feel or look. Several companies offer affordable actions based on a Remington footprint that will drop in to a Remington 700 stock with little to no fitting. These actions are cheaper than having a Remington fully blue printed and it seems that there is a definite trend in the shooting world to use these actions. However, if you don’t mind spending a little money on the actions you currently have here are a few ways to customize your current Remington 700. Not only will these upgrades improve the look of your Remington but, more importantly, your rifle will be more dependable and accuracy will be improved as well. Read More...
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I agree fluting your bolt makes your rifle look bad@$$ (custom). It's not much fun to do but a cnc lathe with live tooling sure helps... ask Nape.270 lol...

My dirty savage

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