M-1 Garand?


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Jan 19, 2003
My son picked up a Springfield Armory M-1 Garand at the gun show. He's chomping at the bit to shoot it but I'm telling him to not shoot "modern" ammo in it (don't go to Wally World and by Remington Core-lokt). I'm wondering what I can load for it that will shoot well but not tear it up. I realize that the Garand is a very well made weapon. I just want to be careful about what gets shot in it.
Use 47 to 48 grs IMR 4895 with a 150 to 155 gr bullet. Keep your velocity between 2700 and 2800 fps. DON'T USE FEDERAL PRIMERS. You can get slam fires with them. I got lucky and only had some double and triple fires until I learned better. I know what a three shot burst felt like from a BAR now. :D
my son and i really enjoy our garands. use powder not faster than 3031 or slower than 4320. imr -4895 and varget are awesome. there is a special section in th hornady manual just for the m1. it has to do with the long op rod. use bullets no heavier than 180 . enjoy . the most powerful battle round ever to go to war
I have also used 4985 with 168gr BTHP with excellent results.

lightbulbAnother way to build up your brass supply for future reloading may be to purchase some ammo from Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)-- details are on the website: Ammunition Sales

Garands are an outstanding weapon... enjoy!
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