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    OK.... for all the new guys and maybe others who were thinking about it...

    we are having a get together of sorts to "play" with big boy toys in the high deserts of Wyo....

    this is a 3 day deal includes
    lodging 3 nights
    breakfast ( nothing real fancy as we need to get to the shooting grounds EARLY before mirage gets up )
    baked beans
    potatoe salad
    corn on the cob
    all sorts of other stuff
    Iced tea, lemonaide\as well as a cooler of adult beverages
    also usually a campfire with a western entertainer if the weather holds out...

    Thurs. night Aug 12, Aug 13, 14, checking out by noon the 15th

    the basic cabin is
    $165 per person
    3-4 per cabin 2 bedrooms and a bath.
    deluxe cabin
    $280 per person
    2 bedrooms 1 full bath kitchen and living room.

    we still have lotsa room and I may post this on another I would like to try to fill more cabins to justify the discount...

    I have greatly discounted this as the intent was to get guys together to share, experiment and learn somthings....

    FYI.. our basic cabin is $109 per night for "Dudes"
    and our deluxe cabins are $229 per night just for lodging.. so you can see we have very nice amentities and this can be a cheap way to visit wild, wonderful Wyo.
    I can also put together a package for any families that would want to stay for the rest of the week... Dave K. and his wife Cheryl took me up on this offer already...

    this will be very informal and as I mentioned a way to see what others are doing and what they are doing it with and how far they are doing it....hope to see ya!!