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Boyd Heaton

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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
Here is a pic of my under 1000 yard setup...The person on the gun is my Father-in-Law,with me behind him calling the shot..About 3 second's after the pic was taken he killed a nice buck at 700 yard's...
Hello Boyd,

It is a wonderful setup. It looks like the tripod is similar to the LR videotape called "Point Blank Vol 1.", isn't it?

Do you know what is the name of the tripod?

Did your father in-law shoot above a deer for checking wind-elevation before shooting it? or is it one shot kill because it is under 1000 yards?

I'd like to come and watch you shoot someday. (perhaps next year,eh?)

Thanks for showing the picture.

The tripod you see to the left of the pic is the SAME tripod used in Vol#1.In fact the guy behind the tripod is the maker of Point Blank.Vol#2 is gonna be BIGGER and better than #1.Had a good year for buck's up here......There is also gonna be more talk about the equiptment used....Put in for your copy now,they won't last long
.Ther was no wind to speak of,so we went right after the buck.....First shot put him down...The gun tripod is the Ultimate tripod made in Blairsville P.a....R.W Hart sell's them..

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