LR 7mm that is less than 8lbs


Oct 23, 2008
Been thinking about getting a LR hunter with some versatility...

Remington Model 700™ Custom KS Mountain Rifle
TheGunSource: Remington Rifles/Shotguns Remington Model 700 Custom KS Mountain Rifle, 7126, Sta

What about one of these in 7mm RemMag, Talley Rings...

Optics: Either a Leupold VXII 2-7x33mm with the LR Duplex.... or the VX-3 2.5-8x36mm with the B&C Recticule....

Debated getting a Rem700 SPS, adding a custom barrel, and a McMillian, but doing the math puts it and the KS Mt Rifle with a few bucks of each other...

Am I headed down a good route?
I have a 7mm mag based on a Rem 700, aftermarket barrel, original plastic stock, VX III 4.5 -14 x 40 LR scope. It tops out at about 10 lb. It is a delight to shoot and has taken game around the 600 yd mark.

I suppose the thing about getting an SPS and working on it, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a shooter, I don't know what the accuracy rep for a custom shop remington is at the moment.

What about a Hi-Tech stock?
Welcome to High Tech Specialties, Inc.!!!

They are pretty light, a lot cheaper than a McMillan, but do need a bit of finishing.

You will really like the 7mm mag. The 162 a-max and 168 berger are awesome long range projectiles on deer.

For the price of a Rem Mountain rifle.... I would get a...

Borden action (or custom action of your choice)

Jewel Trigger (or custom trigger of your choice)

Rem takeoff bottom metal, hinged floor plate

Lilja barrel chambered and throated to your specs (or custom barrel of your choice)

B&C Medalist stock, aluminum block bedded - about $250 plus shipping

In a 7 Dakota (or 7mm cartridge of your choice)

.....and have it put together by a smith of your choice.

Why buy factory when you can get custon for about the same price???:)
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True enough...

I differ with you a bit in that I like the Rem 700 in a Blind magazine... The rest I am not set on... I like the 7mm RM, but would look at others..

The McMillians I have seen are light and strong... So have the old TI stocks Rem ran that were by B&C.. I'd be happy with either....
McMillans are good stocks and so are the B&C. I like the Medalist because they have aluminum bedding blocks and a good bit cheaper @ $250 give or take.

I hunted with the 7RM for years and it's agood cartridge. The Dakota will get about 200 fps more but brass isn't cheap. I like the WSM over the Rem Mag because I like the case better and RL17 works very well in the WSMs. We all have our prefferences and I guess that's why there are so many choices :)
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7WSM vs 7SAUM? I have heard of feeding issues.. Did you have any issues with your WSM? Be nice to have it in a short action.....
I have what started life as a stock Rem 700 LSS in 300 WM. The gun always shot less than MOA. I had this gun pillar and glass bedded in a McMillan Edge stock, Rem Sporter style, lugs lapped, and the muzzle recrowned. I mounted a VX-3 4.5x14x40 LR scope in the Talley lightweight ring/mounts. The gun weighs 6.75 lbs and shoots one hole groups. I've stretched it out to 1025 yds but haven't shot anything over 543 yds, but I feel confident in it to 800 yds. The best thing about it is the weight. I know I lost a little stability for long range with the lighter weight, but I can carry it all day and hardly feel it.
There were some feeding issues with some makers early on because fo poor action design, but I think that has been resolved. I have a Sako 300 WSM that cycles smooth as butter. I'm not an expert on all the action makers and the lengths they offer. In the Sako Finnlight, the throat is too long to allow seating near the lands and also fit the mag. That could be remedied by shortening the throat or getting a longer after market mag or longer action. Sakos have 4 actions in the M85 and as far as I know Rems only have 2 in the 700.

Toss up between the WSM and SAUM. The WSM has more brass options with Norma, but for the 7 WSM you have tio neck up from the 270 or down from the 300 to use Norma.
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