SOLD/EXPIRED LR 260 Rem. Low Rd ct and has shot .880 at 300 yds with HSM & Black Hills


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Aug 26, 2011
I have a pics but it is currently being cerakoted hk semi gloss blk.

Specs: 26" 1-8 shilen select match stainless lapped, less than 50 Rds
Action: howa 1500 trued up
Stock: B & C medalist A3 in tan with blk webbing
Bases: Leupold
Accuracy: so far factory Hsm & blk hills has shot 1 hole at 100 yds. And shot .880 at 300 yds.
Trigger: tuned up howa

Will come with 50 hand loads

This is a safe queen and if I dont get what I'd like. I'm very happy to keep it it's extremely accurate. I have plans on gettin the bolt fluted as well. I won't get offended but keep in mind this is a very nice custom rifle and I have quite a bit in it. If your looking to hit at a grand she will do it with ease!!!!

Take care!

Pistols: sig 2022 40 or 9mm, glock 17/22 or 19/23 or 35. Hk usp. + cash.

Text 210-837-6742 for pics. Have a good new year

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