Louisiana military hunting license prices


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Aug 28, 2009
I know this site is mainly focused on western states, but I found something that I thought might help somebody here. Louisiana offers all military personnel, whether resident or non-resident, their resident prices for hunting and fishing. It's about a 90% discount! I wonder if that includes trappin crawfish? :D

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
That's a good deal, it's about time a State gave those in service to our Country a break.
In my state, NC, they offer active military a break if they are on leave, I don't know if they get a break if stationed here. I didn't find a reference to it.
They were giving "illegals" free passes to fish, I don't know if they have continued that, if the sportsmen find out about it, it will stop.

"A resident of this state who is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States serving outside the state, or who is on full-time military duty outside the state in a reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States is exempt from hunting, inland and coastal fishing license requirements while on leave in this state for 30 days or less. Those who qualify for this exemption shall carry on his or her person at all times, during the hunting or fishing activity, their military identification card and a copy of the official document confirming they are on authorized leave from a duty station outside of North Carolina.

An individual exempt from the requirements of a hunting license must obtain a “Big Game Harvest Report Card” from theWildlife Resources Commission or a wildlife service agent, at no charge, when exercising the privileges of big game hunting. "
That's a good deal, it's about time a State gave those in service to our Country a break.
In my state, NC, they offer active military a break if they are on leave, I don't know if they get a break if stationed here."
Everywhere I've been stationed gives military assigned to that state at least resident prices. Some do better still. Texas gives free super combo licenses to military stationed in TX.
About the only thing NC (town of Havelock civilian population 5,000 and marine population 20,000-2nd MAW Cherry Point) gave me was a ticket for not having a fishing license back in 1970. Little did I know (my fault) I was fishing with a cane pole (all I could afford on military PFC pay) and a live crickett on a creek sitting on the bank...no boat maybe all of 10-15 feet wide off the beaten path when I heard a small john boat motor and when it rounded the corner of the creek sure enough the game warden. He said fishing w/live bait (crickett) required a licanse and with artificial bait doesn't...so he promtly gave me a ticket and I had to go to the Justice of the Peace's house to pay the fine. Seemed kinda petty but, then again that was the NAM era and not many liked the military and least of all the citizens of Havelock whom didn't understand the concept of don't bite the hand that feeds ya.
You just have to love Texan's and their attitude. ! I am sorry for any serviceman who isn't treated with the respect that is due. The military is where a lot of us got our best education, ie. The Universities of Fort Jackson, Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, etc. It wouldn't do for me to be a game warden, I would be selectively giving breaks where the law isn't clear or fair. I'm not downing "Rabbit Sheriff's", they have one of the most dangerous jobs in law enforcement, I just don't have the temperment to be one. I would be a selective SOB and the bureaucracy wouldn't like that.
My State, NC, is by and large conservative but we have Chapel Hill and Duke and a few very liberal big cities that dominate the State House. We keep sending liberals back to office and they do what liberals do best, tax and spend, try to take our guns, and stick liberal agenda's into regulations.
I reached the age finally where I could afford a Life Time License and come to find out illegals were given the privedge free with no understanding of bag limits, or seasons whatever. We also have "motor voter".
I have nothing against legals, my daughter in law has a green card. She follows the rules, which are difficult and time consuming. It irks me that those who swim the river, jump the fence, and so forth are given preference. My daughter in law has a pHd and will contribute greatly to this Country.
Now, the liberals want to give free college education to illegals in NC, it hasn't passed so far. My wife and I worked hard to send our two sons to college.
I'm way off topic, sorry, blame it on my age. :)
All Military Folks including retirees should get a free pass in every State on licenses, taxes, everything the State levies, across the board. No I didn't make a career of the Military but I know of the sacrifice that they have to make during a career to keep the rest of us safe.
"May GOD Bless them all, each and every one"!!!!
Since I've read it twice here that Illegals get a free license I got to ask how's that possible, can someone explain? It would seem to me that if I walked in and said I'm in the U.S. illegally that they'd call the authorities rather than issue me a license.
They have access to Social Services which is where they get freebies. The one that I became familiar with was a free fishing license. I sometimes fish at a power company lake and the Ranger there told me about it. The power company allows the city to manage the lake as a park, charging fees, supplying personnel to manage the facility, etc. The City stocks the lake with catfish supplied by the State and the Ranger has a couple of feeders set up to get the fish going. The Ranger had to stop feeding the fish because the illegals would "camp out" on the feeders and catch all of the fish. I don't know if they are allowed a hunting permit under the same program. This was a couple of years ago. I'll call SS tomorrow and let you know what is current.
I will attempt to clarify my own post concerning illegals and free licenses in NC.
I had to call Wildlife Resources Enforcement Div. in Raleigh for clarification. People who meet a certain poverty status may receive social assistance, welfare, food stamps, etc in NC. Folks may go to Social Services, present a picture ID and verification of economic status and then fill out a "waiver form" and if approved may receive a free fishing license. This has to be done annually and covers only fishing. This "waiver" is not coded by law or regulation but is a policy "likely from the Governor's Office". I don't know anyone else who would have that authority. The person that I talked to didn't have a copy of the document. The wording of the "rule", "order", "policy", however it is handled, probably is not directed toward the direct benefit of illegals but to all of those in need. I know personally of a couple of "city lakes" in NC that have several "latinos" fishing them and I can't say for sure but I would bet that they are illegals. So to a certain extent, my post is heresay, and anecdotal until it is proven that illegals are taking advantage of the system. This is not going to happen.
"What we have here is some old rich guy (not so) begrudging (yes, that's true) a freebe for the downtroden who are here to do the work that Americans won't do anymore (Not true,I've done that type of work all of my life)."
So there you go....
I agree that doing the work that Americans won't do is a bunch of crap. Remove the 13 million or however many illegals and the and supply and demand will drive wages up to where Americans would do the work. The work would still be there but millions of illegals wouldn't so cost of labor would go up. I could go on forever but, this could get interpeted as political so I'll stop here.
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Heh, the truth is the truth and I don't think that we need to be afraid of it.
I ain't, LOL :)
Good hunting to you!
+1 w/Citizenjohn. Get rid of the illegals and you get rid of pay which is often off the books and below minimum wage. Then when these employers have to pay on the books and at or above minimum...plenty of Americans will gladly do the work.
Teaching children to work as part of "the family" in my opinion is one of the most important things that a parent can do for a child. It teaches them many things and empowers them with the notion that there is nothing that they can't do if they try. This has been the American way since the Pilgrims landed. Children taught well are responsible and turn into responsible adults. Today there are many parents whose children raise themselves and the parents are virtually helpless when it comes to something as simple as changing a tire and they have to call Triple AAA. Well, this wasn't so a very short time ago.
My platoon Sgt. once said that you could take 50 Americans and find the skills to do anything, carpenters, machinists, equipment operators, almost any skill or trade.
For myself, at six years old, I was swimming by myself in the local river. At eight or nine I was deemed responsible enough to hunt and skin squirrels by myself, trapped muskrats, split wood and carry it to the house every day, work in the fields, you get the point. This early training by the whole family has stood me in good stead for my entire life. As a supervisor you cannot ask people to accomplish work if you can't do it yourself. Me and many others still do the work "that Americans won't do" at home every day for our families. We are still close to the land.
I have worked my entire life finally reaching the advanced age to buy a lifetime license at a reduced rate and I find that others get theirs free because they are considered to be economically disadvantaged. H - E - Double Toothpicks, I've been economically disadvantaged my whole life, if we weren't poor maybe my Pop would have bought me a Lifetime license when I was born. Actually we were rich in the things that count, caring parents and grandparents, our health, water and woods to work in play in, the land provided our food, a wonderful community, and
GOD who has always watched over us.

This was my heritage and I will do my best to pass it on as I know many of you are doing.
Good hunting and fishing out there to all of you!! :)
Citizenjohn, well said. One of the problems in society today is there aren't enough folks like you around. Take care and enjoy that lifetime license, it sounds like you've earned it.
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