Looking for someone to do some stock work...


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Mar 30, 2008
I have a stock blank and I am looking for someone to inlet and hardware it up. I do want it done well so previous experience would be great. Let me know if you can do this kind of work and have the necessary tools/machinery to do it. Stuff that would need to be done is: the barrel channel would have to be made, inletted for a rem 700 sa, cheek peice attached and hardware attatched, attach butt pad, put a swivel stud on forearm. I think that's it. Maybe painted maybe not. It's a left handed composite stock. Thanks guys. Pm me here or shoot me an email at [email protected].

Joel Russo is one of the best in the biz you might try sending him a pm. He is a very nice and helpfull man I'm sure he'd be able to help you. Although there are many others on here that would do a good job as well.

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