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Apr 1, 2014
I'm looking for high quality glass, comparable to Swaro, but not a Swaro scope. I love the Z8 glass, but not the turrets or mechanicals.

What other big money names are out there with quality glass? 50mm 56mm Long Range.
Here is a lengthy review of:



Currently, I'm using March as my main scope supplier. Expensive but reliable for the activities I pursue. No I don't have very many.

I generally ignore everything from Vortex, especially their higher end scopes. Heavy and expensive for what I need.

Read these reviews and ask more questions. Opinion polls really don't count for much except everyone has one...

Which night force is for hunting? The last night force I looked at was very heavy. But I'm not familiar with their line recently.
I hunt with both the NXS and the ATACR. They are not light, but neither is the game they bring down. I would rather haul a little weight in, to be able to see and hit so I have weight to haul out.

To have quality glass, strong tubes, and reliable tracking and turrets, it is going to equate to weight. In all honesty, I don't have long walks to stands, and I am not normally out west or chasing sheep. My longest walks might be 1-1.5 miles each way, but normally they are less than that so scope weight not that big of an issue. I also have a few heavy guns net of the scope weight. With that said, my light weight 6.5x284 still has a ACTAR 5x25x56 on it and it has been up high in the mountains of Colorado without issue.

I have found it interesting that people want an ultra light rifle/scope rig, then put a 10 round mag into the gun full of ammo and attach a bipod and can. Reminds me of the guys building a super light road bike, to add 6 water bottle holders to it and saddle bags.

If you are looking for an ultra light scope for a light weight mountain rig, there are quality scopes that are lighter than the NF. If the gun takes a tumble, will that lighter scope survive or hold zero, I don't know, but I have confidence in the NF.
I have to ask.
What is the intended usage?

Lots of Benchrest shooters use Nightforce, Vortex Golden Eagle, and the Sightron SIII & SV.

For hunting, I'm not sure. Having never been fortunate enough to have a Swarovski.

I like the Ziess V4 that I recently got.
But for less money, the Crimson Trace Hardline is really hard to beat!
The glass is easily on par, maybe better than, the Ziess.
Controls are silky smooth.
Clicks are very tactile.

May be the reason I have 4 of them now.
I bought one of the Vortex 15x60's and for the money it's hard to beat for a fraction of the cost..been using it for 2 or 3 years now under benchrest comp at 1000-850 and it's been repeating without a single issue..
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