Looking for long ranges near West Point, NY (50 miles north of NYC)


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Jan 4, 2010
My local cub has a 200 yard range, but I'm looking for a chance to shoot out to 500+. Anyone know of something in my area?

Nearest club with a range over 200 that I know of is in the Colonie / Albany area. I believe the name is Forbes. But there must be others. Several friends and myself are looking too.
Other than the Troy/Albany range which goes up to 1000, the best I have found is the club I now use, www.Sarasparodandgunclub.org which goes up to 200 yards.

The Troy/Albany 1000 range uses volunteers to work the pits so it takes a bit to be able to shoot those ranges as you need to pay your dues.....so to speak by working the pits.
Thanks for the info, all.

Rancilio, currently shooting at Black Rock Fish and Game club in Cornwall. Nice 200 yard range, as well as pistol and trap/5-stand. Worth the investment if you will be in the area for a while. O/w, range access is limited.
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