Looking for loads

In a semi-auto... I'd use a faster powder at a low to moderate charge.

You'll especially need to use a lower charge since you're seemingly going to just load this stuff up and go shoot. :eek:

Nosler shows an accuracy node at 41 grains of IMR 4895 with their 180's... and since that's a starting load, you can load 'em up and go shoot. Should be a light recoiler for your rifle, and it'll make plenty enough velocity to take down the deer out to 400 yards.

If you don't have IMR 4895, you could substitute H4895 in this particular instance...

IMR 4064 at 42.5 grains or Varget at 43 grains will work for you as well.

With low volume powder charges such as these, I like to use magnum primers if available. If not, no worries... they'll still go bang.

Good luck in the hunting fields. :)

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