Looking for 6mm-284 pet load data. All bullet weights


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Jul 13, 2009
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Just wondering out of those who shoot this caliber, what they are finding works well both in bullet weight & powder.

Here are some test targets thus far.



So far I have tried 70gr & 95gr Nosler BT.

It is a 1-10 23.5" barrel.



I have a 4.5x14x40mm LR B&C scope on it now since these photos.

Not having much experience with this caliber, I'm looking to tighten these groups up some more.

So if you have shot the 6mm-284 lots your help would be appreciated.
I'm shooting a 1-8" 5C barrel so your not gonna be able to shoot the same bullets as me unfortunatly.

I'm using a 115gr berger VLD with 51.5 grains of Retumbo and magnum primers. Right around 3150 fps. I could push faster but it puts 5 shots into a very very nice cluster with this load.

If I'm not mistaken most of the fella's on here are gonna be tellin you to use 4831SC. I'm just one of the odd ones who has to be difficult...:D
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