Longrange hunting spotting scope help!

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Jul 20, 2007
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How would the 12-45x60 Leupold mark 4 fit in the mix. I have old style of same no Hd but size is nice, and still packable. Like the tmr reticule
I have 6 of them assigned to me. They are compact and the mil reticle is really nice for spotting but the best thing about them is they are probably as tuff as I would expect you can make one. The glass in them is what I would call decent. Before I got my Kowa I used a Nikon XLII and it was unanimous amoungst all my guys that the Nikon had better glass, and is 1/5 the price. It will not compare to a Swarovski, Kowa or the likes. I have no experience with the HD Leupold.


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Dec 8, 2009
Thanks for info. I just missed a bid on a 774 Kowa w/20-60 eye pcs. I would like a leupold tmr for spotting, because I run mil scope and a mark 4 trm,would be great for hunting as a team.I have had my old leo for years and it still hanngs in there


Aug 1, 2012
I need a new spotting scope! I was hunting elk and have a minox md 50, which I though would adequetly ID animals, well it doesnt! I was looking at two elk at almost 900 yards, which I feel I will be able to hunt at next year, in a true spike area (only smooth spikes on both sides are leagal). At that range I was 100% one of them was legal but wind and needing more practice I passed. I noticed that at that range the horns looked a little tall but was still certain he was legal. The other one looked like he had some curve of his horns and I wasnt quite sure about him. I had watched the first one for 10 minutes and was sure about him, the second stepped out right as I decided to move so I didnt spend much time looking at him. After working around and coming over a lower ridge between us cutting the distance to 300 yards, he had a small fork on one of his antlers that I never saw, or could see because of my limited scope. I was pretty shocked that I couldn't see it and had I gone for it would have been in a bit of trouble. So I need a new spotting scope! I need a scope that can possitively with absolutely no doubt ID even the smallest point at a 1000 plus yards. I wanted a 60/65mm objective for weight but Im thinking to get the best scope possible I going to have to step up to the big boys, the 80/85 class spotter. My number one choice right now is the zeiss 85mm diascope with the 20-75 eyepiece, second choice is the vortex razor hd or maybe a swaro. What are your thoughts about my options, is the 65mm even an option? I dont think it is but correct me if Im wrong. Also what would the best scope be? If I don't have it listed let me know. These scope are a significant investment for me so I need to get this right the first time. Thank you

I own Meopta 80mm, a Pentax 100mm and a Swarovski 80mm HD they all work great went the seeing is good, but when the ground heats up the waves do effect the images on all of them. The larger objective lens will give you a brighter image at lower light levels and better resolution if the seeing is good.


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