Long shots for 'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
Re: Long shots for \'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?


Generally when we speak long range we speak of using a heavier bullet. As a general rule, the longer the distance one shoots the heavier the bullet one shoots. Heavier as used here tends to equate to a high(er) Ballistic Coefficient (BC).

For me the choice between using a 125gr bullet or a 150gr bullet is fairly easy, I'd use the 150, in fact I'd opt for a still heavier bullet.

At 250 yards it really won't make much difference but eventually the distance will get longer and the bullet will need to get longer and sleeker (heavier).
Re: Long shots for \'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?

I have had a Ruger M-77 in .308 and found the Nosler 165 B-Tip worked great in it. The BC is high enough for great retained energy and wind resistance, while keeping the velocity high enough for reasonably flat trajectory.

The terminal ballistics of the 165 B-Tip are quite good; any animal I have shot was either DRT (dead right there) or anchored (stopped in place). The bullet expands well at longer ranges and tracks very straight as it penetrates critters.

My Ruger would put the 165 B-Tip into 0.30" clusters (5-shot groups) at 100 yards from the bench. In field situations from prone, unsupported, I have shot 400 yard groups onto 3"x5" cards without a problem.

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Re: Long shots for \'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?

sounds like you have goton pretty good with the 150nbt keep pract.you will be shooting longer the more you pract.you only have 40-45 days left i think you would be better offto keep shooting to late to change loads good luck on your hunt
Long shots for \'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?


I am a novice antelope hunter and will be going to Wyoming my first time this Oct.
I have a Ruger 30.6 and wanted to know your opinion with what size (125, 150, etc) to use in the wide open areas for antelope.
Growing up in the East, am not used to taking shots over 250 yards. Because of this, I am inclined to experiment with a 125 gr in hopes of obtaining a flatter trajectory and possible maximizing my performance at longer distances. Unfortunately, I am also not as familar with this lower weight bullet or with the longer ranges aand will have to do some practicing if I should consider employing either into my hunt. I have been practicing with a 150 gr nosler tip/boat tailed with some prety good success at 250 yards. What are your recommendations for Western Antelope hunting and using a Ruger 30.6 rifle? Do you recommend the 125 gr? Do you know where I can obtain an aerodynamic (sharp tip and boat tailed 125 gr slug)? Do you recommend a 150 gr? Etc? Etc?

Thanks for your help
North Carolina
Re: Long shots for \'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?

I agree with marlow.
The 150 bt will be all you need in the '06.
Practice shooting in the wind and out to 500 yards off a bipod and you will be ready.
A rangefinder is a big help, if you don't have one, set up your reticle to range-find on the antelope. They are 15" from top of back to bottom of chest.

Make sure you take some high powered optics. You will need a minimum of 20x to judge horn size on antelope.

Have fun. Antelope hunting is a great time!
Re: Long shots for \'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?

Ive been using Hornady Interlocks for a few years now for my long range shooting of Roe Deer. Ive used the factory Light Magnum 180 gr BTSP with very good results, I'm on my 3rd barrel in this particular rifle. I have also treid the 165 grain SST's but haven't the experience with them yet to decide if i like them or not. I'd go with the heavier bullets, i wasn't happy with the 150 grainers, didn't shoot as well and had a worse trajectory at extended range.
Re: Long shots for \'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?

Been shooting the 165gr SST for a few year now in my '06. I launch them with BR2 and H4350. I have no issue with shooting out to 500yds in calm conditions. Very accurate bullet with a high BC for its bullet weight. On game expansion will be all you need for a 'lope.

Re: Long shots for \'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?

My father and I just reurned from our 1st antelope hunt. we went to New Mexico and we both got our antelopes. Mine is 15 3/8" and my Dads is 14 1/4" long. You will have great fun!!

Now to the point. I used a Tikka T3 in .300wsm w/ my handloads using a Sierra 150gr BTSP that averages 3,044fps. This bullet performed beautifully. My shot was a ranged 452 yards. Complete penetration and the antelope fell in his tracks. My dad used a .308 also w/ a 150gr BTSP to take his antelope @ 355 yards. He only made it about 30-40 yards before giving up the ghost. True we did not use a 30-06 but this should give you some idea on how a 150gr bullet will perform from two different cartridges but both being a 30 caliber. Good luck!
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