Long range scopes ?


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Feb 17, 2002
Scotland U.K.
Hi, greetings from Scotland.

At present I am using a 8/56 Schmidt & Bender
on my .22/250 heavy varmint. The optics are superb and it is also very useful when the light starts to fade.

For small pests out to 200-250 yards it is excellent but past 250yards the crosshairs almost blot out the target altogether.

I am considering moving the S+B on to a
25-06 and purchasing another scope for the .22/250.

I would like to be able to zoom in to around 15-20 power but also able to zoom out to 6-7 in the fading light. I also like the idea of 'target turrets' that remove the bullet drop factor.

Could anyone recommend a make or model that has given good results ?

Light gathering, zero holding and a crosshair that will not disappear at dusk or dawn are most important.

I have a budget of between $600-£700

I would be very grateful for any replies on this subject as knowledge of long range optics is very limited.

Thanks for any replies in advance

I have been using the Nightforce NXS 3.5-15 x50 with Mil-dot reticle for my hunting and it is a superb scope. Has an effective, easily operated illuminated reticle for poor light conditions (simply pull the third turret outward 1/8" or so for "on", push back in for "off"). The entire reticle lights up red, not just the center. NXS turrets are very good - lots of adjustment lattitude, very crisp and completely reliable.

If you want more power range the 5.5-22 x 56 is also a great scope, getting a little big compared to the 3.5-15 but optics are superb, same illumination, great performance. I believe that Len uses one of these on a favored LR hunting rifle. I use mine for target shooting on a heavy rifle. Not sure what NXS would cost in pounds, the NXS's go for about 1200.00 U.S I believe. Check www.nightforcescopes.com.

Nikon is about to come out with a 4-14 x 50 tactical with illuminated reticle option and it is a super sharp scope, nice size for hunting. Illumination dial gives you choice of red or green in varying intensities. Leupold also has a good one in that power range, not sure about illuminated reticle. These are all 30mm scope tubes.

Darryl uses 8-25 Leupolds quite a bit I believe, perhaps he can provide info on that model as I haven't shot it.

The deal is that you require a scope with the reticle in the second focal plane - American style - so that the reticle remains a constant size for long range shooting. European first plane reticles increase in size with the power zoom - as the object increases in size so does the crosshair - makes for difficult holding unless the reticle is very fine. Most European reticles are the opposite - big and bold for low light shooting I believe.
Good luck finding what you require.
Ian M,

Is there any literature out on this "NEW" Nikon. I have the 6.5-20 X 44 Monarch series with the target turrets now. But this new 4-14 sounds real nice. Any idea when it will be out?

Nikon has the new scopes in their 2002 catalog, right up front. They are working on a few changes right now, should be out this summer. They generated a lot of interest at the SHOT show and their sales staff are waiting for samples. They are finalizing a reticle design change (done now) and some work on the turrets I believe. The new scopes are Nikons first entry into the 30mm field. There is also a 2.5-10 x 44 model that is a VERY nice hunting sized scope. The prototypes are working well and I am looking forward to seeing the final production models. Nikon is offering a free Mil-dot Master with any mil-dot equipped scope this year.
Ian M,

I am very please with my Monarch series but I wouls love to have the 30mm tube (more adjustment). This sounds like just what I am looking for. Any idea on price??

What size is the objective end of your 50mm Nightforce? I've looked on their website and it doesn't say. I've heard that the 50mm Nightforce's are bigger then most other 50mm scopes.

That's a tough question since you want a thinner crosshair then you have now, but you want to be able to shoot in low light. Unless you get a lighted reticle I would say go with the Leupold Duplex or Heavy Duplex. The Heavy Duplex has extra heavy posts, but the hairs will still work for you unless you're shooting baby mice at 250 yards.

If you want a lighted reticle, both Leupold and Burris have high power scopes with target knobs in your price range. And they are good scopes.
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