The Leupold 8.5x25x50 30mm LRT gets my vote, try Natchez Shooters Supply or Bear Basin.
i'd have to echo the 8.5x25x50 myself, but before you buy anywhere, give Premier Recticles a browse first. good prices and you get your choice of whatever custom recticle you want. Dick runs a good operation there, so much that leupold maintains their warrenty if if premier does work on the scope.

its worth a look.

I would take a good lood at a 16x 42mm I.O.R. with MP8 reticle before buying. 100 moa of el adj, aprox 12 ft fov at 100 yds due to the new ocular design. Neither of my IORs, 2.5-10x 42mm illum MP8 nor 16x 42mm MP8, ever shifted POI without my turning a turret. Rd count is over 4000 rds of .300WSM between the two.

I have sold the 16x to a buddy, just because he was so insistent and willing to pay more than my replacement cost, and it has also survived 350 rds on a .50BMG Armalite. The movement to the rear followed by a sudden jerk forward of the AR really tests a scope.
Leuplold LRT scopes get my vote.
I have a Simmons Blazer 8-32x44 and a Leupold 6-18X40 VXII Target scopes. The Leupold is brighter and sharper by far but then again it's like comparing 24K Gold with gold plate. They both look nice new but in the end the Leupold will still have it's value.
Just my two cents.
Don't rule out the Nikon Tactical, I'm waiting for one now. Lit reticle nice price also Ian did a review of it a while back and he likes it also.
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