Long Range Raccoon Hunting

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
Last fall I was insulted by a whitetail buck who walked right past my 700 yard target just after an early fall practice session. No fear! No respect! He's lucky I never saw him once the season opened.

Now a raccoon is trying to get my goat. Yesterday I was practicing my prone-bipod technique. A raccoon happened by at 260 yards and I put out his lights. They are no longer trapped in Wisconsin with the fur market being so depressed. The population has exploded to where they do serious harm to pheasants, grouse, wild turkeys, ducks and bluebirds.

The insult came this evening as I went down to check results on my 700 yard target. Prone-bipod, sand sock --- 3 inch, 3-shot group. I'm standing there wondering why the paper on the target is slightly torn and what is all that muddy mess on the target face?

Those are raccoon footprints all over the top portion of my target face! Must have happened last night after I dusted off his buddy in the afternoon. He's mad at me and climbed up there while trying to get my goat.

OK, he did get my goat. So --- this evening I set up a corn dispenser out at 450 yards in the shorter grass to attract him. I didn't set it up at 700 yards because he'd be hidden on the ground. The marsh grass is 2 feet tall out there. I don't think he's going to actually climb up there again and challenge me while I'm shooting. But --- he might come to the corn while I'm ready.

Stay tuned!
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