Long Range Encore Idea


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Feb 7, 2005
I want to build a rifle that is no more than 40" long, so that it will fit in a pack for hunting near home. An Encore with a 26" barrel just fits the bill (and I have a custom 270 JDJ No. 2 barrel ((like a 270 Gibbs)).

But, I like to shoot from prone with a lot of tension on the stock, and I think that an 2 piece Encore rifle will have major POI problems with this. So here is my idea:

Hand make a special 1 piece stock whereas the barrel will be blocked & bedded into the forearm, then the stock will open up in the action area to allow a standard pistol grip installed on the frame, then continue straight back to the buttplate. This way pistol grip will pivot down kind of like a falling block; the action will only be holding the casehead, and the pivoting breech will (should) not affect accuracy.

I could then shoot it in my style and (theoretically) not have any POI problems.

Has anybody ever seen anything like this...or, do you think it would work OK?


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
I don't know of anyone who has done what you are talking about, but I have seen a pillar bedded forend, where they threaded into the barrel-Worked well with a heavy barrel.
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