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    Dec 9, 2012
    Introduction to me - I have been reloading off and on since I scrimped and saved for an RCBS Rockchucker kit when I was ~12 years old, about 25 years ago. I started reloading 30-30 and 300 Win Mag. Had good success for what I wanted back then. Since then I have reloaded ten thousand plus pistol and rifle loads and generally tried to key in on the most accurate load at a given distance. I ran out of time to reload for about the last 10 years and then started again with a .220 Swift that is as accurate as I need. I have also tinkered with a few other loads. I have ~20 different powders to choose from and a good sock of primers.

    I recently bought a Weatherby Vanguard 2 in .257 Weatherby that I am trying to work up a load for withxffr good success but am wondering about the different thoughts on load development. Why decide on a powder, prime, or bullet over another? I have had good luck with most loads

    Wanted: Rock Tumbler/Polisher (Entiat)
    What are your

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    For me it's rather simple, I can only load what I can get my hands on.
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    Look for a load that uses about 85% or more of the case volume and gives you the velocity that you want.