Litton MK 4 laser rangefinder

Dave Squires

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Jan 17, 2004
Tacoma Wash.
I recently purchased a Litton MK 4 laser rangefinder, but do not have a operators manual. I would like to find someone who could copy a manual for me. It is an amazing unit. I also have a russian military unit that is broken, and I cannot find anyone who can work on these. I have tried Newcon and Bills electronics, both in Canada, but no luck. Bill says he could maybe do some good if he had a wiring diagram. Can anybody help me?
Yeah so it is a military unit. How would one go about getting a legal one of those??? Or maybe even a Russian one???
Hbar, I got my Litton from a friend of a friend type deal. I have no idea where to come up with another unit. same with the Russian units. There are quite a few out there, Just have to keep your eyes open and your wallet handy.
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