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SOLD/EXPIRED Like New Rbros built 338 Lapua.Manners Elite Carbon


Jan 29, 2015
Waited 10 months for this gun and it is wicked! Cattle Ruined my ELR range so there's no point in holding on to it. Here are the specs.

338 Lapua
>>> Rogue Action, .750" fluted bolt
>>> Broughton LR Contour, 28" 1-9.2 twist (non fluted barrel)
>>> Manners T2A, Elite Tactical Shell, Black Carbon Fiber Texture and look. 13.5" LOP, 2
>>> front
>>> studs, 1 rear
>>> 20 MOA Rail
>>> Seekins 338 DBM w/1 mag
>>> Jewell Trigger
>>> 4 Port Brake
>>> Polished receiver/barrel, black bolt and bottom metal

$3700, 100 rounds on barrel




I can Provide 100% feedback from snipershide and ebay
That is a sin to sell a rifle like that and not have hunted it. Take that thing on a hunting tripgun)
Right" keep the rifle and just practice on you cattle before you take them to the butcher!
YES YES Can shoot them in the eye at LR with that set up.gun)

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