SOLD/EXPIRED Lightweight long range savage prefit price drop


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May 23, 2017
Hi guys,

I have a brand new X-caliber Barrels small shank savage prefit barrel for sale, in .22-250 rem. It's a featherweight profile, 24". Has recessed target crown. Polished finish. 1:8" twist to shoot heavies, and it has 3R rifling. My plan was to put together an 8lb rifle that can zap varmints out to 1k. Was going to use the 75 grain eld-m, but could easily go 80 grain (maybe heavier?).

I headspaced the barrel to one of my actions but never fired a round.

The barrel cost to your door from xcaliber would be $380, I'm asking $325 to your door.

I also have 200 pieces of new Hornady brass for sale, if the barrel sells. Would like $100 for those. I did size and prime about 20, but can deprime and ship as new.

Also have some higher end dies available if the buyer is interested (RCBS competition seater and Redding full length sizer die, plus Wilson case gauge and a trim die). I'd include those for another $100. Again, brass and dies only available if barrel sells. If interested in the whole package, I'd do $475 for everything. Would be a real fun walking varminter, with capability to zap anything in sight! I just have too many other irons in the fire right now and could use the cash for other projects.

Any questions, PM, or call or text Jonathan at 814-321-5355. Located in North central PA. Payment via PayPal FF or add the 3%.

Items will be cross posted. First public commitment gets it.
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