1. F

    SOLD/EXPIRED Lightweight long range savage prefit price drop

    Hi guys, I have a brand new X-caliber Barrels small shank savage prefit barrel for sale, in .22-250 rem. It's a featherweight profile, 24". Has recessed target crown. Polished finish. 1:8" twist to shoot heavies, and it has 3R rifling. My plan was to put together an 8lb rifle that can zap...
  2. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Black Friday sale on Packlite rifles our entire website is on sale today! Save 5% on Pre-fit barrels for TL3 Vector, Terminus, Origin, Axiom, HAVAK, and Accuracy International. Our Packlite Rifles are also on sale! Save 5% and get free shipping (note, color scheme cannot be chosen on site, order...
  3. D

    Bighorn Origin Build

    I'm in the process of gathering parts for an Origin build. I would like this to be done with the barrel nut so I can work on it myself (I've done Savage barrel swaps). I currently have a McMillan Gamestalker that has the Remington Sendero inlet. My question is, will I be able to easily sand...
  4. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Curtis Helix Action with Proof barrel of your choice, ships in 3-5 days

    we have a extra Curtis Custom Helix Long Magnum Action up for grabs. Action-1250.00 Add a Proof Research Carbon Barrel for And get a additional 10% the barrel by using promo code “SEPT10” Call 307-707-3181 eXT 1 to order. See or order your barrel at...
  5. Nick@Straight-Jacket


    Switching barrels around has never been easier with a Prefit Barrel from Straight Jacket Armory, Four Screws out, switch barrel, and four screws back in, and you are done! Prefit Barrels 50$ off with coupon Code “Barrel50” at check out! Call in your order and mention this ad! 307-707-3181...

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