1. Justice1327

    SOLD/EXPIRED x3, 700/VS Composite CF brl

    I have 3x Rem700s with the Factory Carbon fiber barrel. 223: 420 rds / 1:12 / 26” 22-250: 410 rds / 1:14 / 26” 308: 620 rds / 1:12 / 26” like new, bought new... 1 owner, MUST BE SHIPPED TO A FFL HOLDER! $1500 each, shipped to lower 48 CONUS only. Accepting M.O., check or Paypal as a friend.
  2. jbo829

    Salt wood stock

    Hello all I have a weatherby Mark V varmintmaster made in west Germany in 1969 I’m aware they used salt wood stock in the jp sauer made guns which mine is gun is in great shape until u take the stock off there is rust on the action and some on the barrel it’s pitted pretty bad the box inside the...
  3. FrogFire7

    SOLD/EXPIRED Lightweight long range savage prefit price drop

    Hi guys, I have a brand new X-caliber Barrels small shank savage prefit barrel for sale, in .22-250 rem. It's a featherweight profile, 24". Has recessed target crown. Polished finish. 1:8" twist to shoot heavies, and it has 3R rifling. My plan was to put together an 8lb rifle that can zap...
  4. specter29

    Ruger American 22-250 Ackley improved fast twist Proof barrel

    Selling my Ruger American in Magpul stock that was rebarreled to 22-250 Ackley (26" proof heavy Palma 1 in 7 twist) by Straight Jacket Armory. Comes with dies, Hornady 88gr eld-m bullets, and Burris veracity 3-15 scope. $1,300 Will sell rifle, dies, and bullets without scope $1,000
  5. Bjt308

    Hornady 22-250 brass 100 pieces

    New unfired hornady 22-250 brass. 100 pieces asking $55.00 shipped from worland, WY
  6. Lowedown

    511 Yard Coyote

    We had trouble getting educated dogs to come all the way to our calls in wide open country. It was fun to watch so many different coyotes from a long ways away though. Anyway, this dog was one of 3 on our final stand that wouldn't come any closer. Having just switched scopes on my 22-250 and...
  7. specter29

    22-250 Ackley and 88 gr ELD-M's

    just got my 22-250 ackley back from my gunsmith anyone have any recommended powders or starting points for loading the 88gr ELD-M's or 90gr Bergers for it. It is a 1 in 7 twist 26" barrel.
  8. M

    Advice on Re-Barreling my 22-250

    I currently have a CZ 550 Varmint in 22-250. It is starting to get to then end of its life. I want to keep it as a 22-250, but wan tot go to the heavy's instead of 40-50 grs (currant rifle is 1:14). I was thinking of going to a Bartlin 1:7 so that I can play with the 80-90's that are out and...
  9. Bjt308

    Weatherby Mark V SVR 22-250

  10. Bjt308

    Weatherby Mark V SVR 22-250

    This is a Weatherby Mark V SVR in 22-250. The barrel has been threaded 5/8-24 and the barrel and action have been cerakoted midnight blue. Gun shoots well with 53 gr v-max. Trigger breaks clean at 2.5-3 pounds. Overall gun is in good condition. There is a spot on the cheekpiece and on the...
  11. specter29

    Brand new Unfired Ruger American 22-250 fast twist

    **SOLD** Brand new Unfired Ruger American 22-250 rifle with factory 1:8 twist barrel asking $400
  12. C

    Forster 22-250

    Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater for 22-250. Great condition $60 shipped.
  13. Bjt308

    Ruger American rifle 22-250 1-8 twist and leupold vx-freedom

    Ruger American rifle 22-250. This rifle has a blued action and stainless barrel with 1-8 twist. Aftermarket trigger spring installed giving a 1.5-2 pound trigger. Included are the factory bases, leupold backcountry cross slot rings and leupold VX-freedom 4-12 with tri-moa reticle. Picatinny...
  14. R

    Barrels and stock for sale

    1. unfired 308 from Savage Model 10 20" fluted and threaded for suppressor $150 TYD lower 48, USPS MO only. SPF on another site 2. Remington 22-250 stainless fluted 26" Varmint, unknown Round Count $75 TYD lower 48. USPS MO only. don't know twist rate. SPF on another site 3. Plastic stock...
  15. C

    RCBS 22-250

    Used RCBS 22-250 2 die set. $25 shipped.
  16. C

    Forester 22-250

    I have a used Forester 22-250 micrometer seater die. It's loaded around 250 loads so its in good shape. $65.
  17. S

    22-250 and Reloader 16

    Does anyone have any data for reloader 16 in a 22-250, I am thinking about trying the 69gr MatchKing but if anyone has any data at all with Reloader 16 in a 22-250 it would be much appreciated.
  18. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Savage Model 16

    Savage Model 16 SA Savage 22-250. Was originally purchased from Cabela’s as a Cabela’s Savage special edition. SS fluted barrel and action with an AccuTrigger and AccuStock. I’m including both the original barrel (less than 150 rounds) and original stock. Both in good condition, The action...