Level on a Burris Eliminator


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Sep 15, 2016
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Please excuse me if I am in the wrong forum or direct me to where it was discussed before. I am having horizontal problems at 900 yards of shooting to the right side all the time. Vertical is good. When you range this scope a red dot is illuminated at your ellevation hold. The up or down hill is taken care of by the scope but I am not looking at the crosshair anymore just the dot so I could be canting the rifle. The scope is built different than a 1" or 30 mm so I can't install a after market level. Any help would be appeciated. Thanks, Tom
Thanks for the reply. My bad. It is a Browning Medalion action with a Hart barrel and the scope came with a piccatinny mount but it uses the whole rail to mount it.
Thanks Lance I don't see my action but it is worth a call. What a great idea. Brad I am not compensating. I am shooting there dot and shooting only on windless days. I shoot in PA on the weekends at the cabin. ABow season starts soon so I am out of luck on that distance as it is a gas line open to the public for hunting. What would spin drift be as I am missing by about 15" to the right at 9-925 yds. Thanks Tom
Spin drift will depend on several variables, but you are looking at around .5 MOA at that range. Have you made certain your reticle is parallel to the vertical axis of your bore as well? Darrel Holland, hollandguns.com, makes an excellent scope level that attaches to the scope itself.
Brad the scope come with its own mounting system. The initial bore siting seemed fine. Adjusting vertical shots are perfect on the line. The scope has an onboard computor and the tube is not round. It is mounted on a 2 piece picatinny mount machined in the tube. Lances idea will work perfect if I can get them to make one for a Browning Medallion action in 300 rum.
Spin drift is a very real thing. Right hand twist barrel = bullets drift right, naturally. Left to Right wind will also intensify this if you aren't taking that into consideration already. Canting your rifle slightly right will also intensify the drift, even without wind.
BWB, Thank you for your reply. I have a level setup coming. With all the technology in this scope you would think a horizontal level might be important to be included like the vertical.
Sorry about the long time until answer. Just shot a month ago and held 5” for spindrift. Don’t have the target but a little breeze right left when shooting. Same settings, same distance and I shot left About 10”. Spindrift knowledge helped. Now to learn the wind. No spotting scope so I get to shoot 5 a day.
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