Leupold VX3 adjustments


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Nov 18, 2008
I was wondering if even though they have caps, if the finger adjustable adjustments on vx-3 scopes are as reliable as target adjustments or the mark series adjustments? basically, can you adjust them and be confident that it moved or is it something that is more like the screwdriver adjustments that you like to verify usually?

thanks for responses in advance
Typically you can trust them. They're not like the friction type where you move a 1/4 to the left and it goes an inch. These are definate clicks and are considered target adjustments. I have a VX-III with a 30mm tube and it has very accurate adjustments.

I think as you move up the scale of quality in scopes, these adjustments become more precise. I have done a box test with the VX-III and it did pretty well but the box was off a little here and there. I recently did this test with a new Sightron III that I picked up and it was right on the money. Just a little more precision.
okay, thanks, i have friction type scopes, i also have a mark 4 and vari x 3 6-20 lrt so i know how well the target turrets and m1's work. the gun it is going on will primarily just be left at 100 zero, but once in awhile may need to be changed for a longer shot so i was wondering if i can count on them in that instance thanks again
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