Leupold Turret Adjustments


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Sep 22, 2011
I have VX-3 6.5x20x40 EFR with a 1" dia tube. After boresighting it and zeroing it at 100 yds with factory loads, the elevation turret is at the number "2" line.

Is this saying that I have only one more complete revolution (15 minutes) until I am out of vertical adjustment?

Is the only way to get the elevation turret at the "0" line at 100 yards to use shims or a differet base?

The gun is a 22-250
Correct me if I'm wrong but Run it up to see where it stops and you'll know exactly how much adj. Is left. And a base change is the only way I know. I have an aversion to shims on a huntin rifle... perfer things to be solid. I can be rough on one. IMO
How much you reckon you'll need on such a flat shootin round?
Maybe one of the experts will chime in soon. I'll stick around we might both learn something.
I agree with lyons, I prefer to stay away from shims also. and the only way to know how much you have left is to twist the turret and find out. if your rifle is a factory rifle with the standard 12 twist or something even slower then you can only shoot about a 55 grain bullet anyway. so 15 minutes will get you way past the effective range of that bullet. if you happen to have a slow twist and your shooting heavier bullets then you will have to decide how far you want to shoot but I think your scope should be able to go as far as your 22-250 can effectively.
Using my own 22-250 load data... a 40 grain V-max at 4100 fps
My ballistic calculator says 15 moa will get you out to 750 yards
She is barely supersonic at 1250 fps
And only has 138 ft lbs of energy left
With the 22-250 speed kills so this is as mike said near max effective range on my rig.
With more data I could try and help further.
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