Leupold VX-7 - any experience?


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Dec 4, 2008
SW Idaho
I just picked up a VX-7 on clearance for $1100 somewhat on a whim because it met all the criteria I had. I really like the Speed Dial turrets and the eye relief is incredible.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this scope...good, bad, or otherwise?

I am contemplating on buying one, would like to talk w/ people who've used the speedial turrets. Do you still have the scope? Are you still liking it?
Do the turrets have an indicator mark under the rotating portion to tell you which rev you are on? Is there any kind of "zero stop" in them? Is is really as quick and easy to lock/unlock the dials as it is advertised?
Hi SBruce,

Well, I decided to take the scope back. I really do think it was optically a very good scope. The eye relief/box seemed incredible to me. I have mixed feelings about taking it back.

I wanted to put a different reticle on it (tactical milling) and I called Leupold and found out you are restricted to a very limited number of reticles - basically, only the ones they make the VX-7 with are the ones available to you.

I really did like the speed dials...I wish they made those available on other scopes as a modification.

Regarding your specific questions:

I honestly don't remember if it had a rotation mark on it. I want to say that it did not...but I'm only about 60% confident in that answer.

I'm pretty sure there is no zero stop.

They operate like a spring loaded turret cap that is also the dial knob. you basically unscrew the cap and it pops up and locks from a rotation perspective. You can then rotate it for your "clicks". When you are done you push it down and re-engage the threads and screw it down like you would a cap.

One other thing I found out is that you get one free custom "CDS" dial with a purchase of the VX-7 - that was not something I was aware of when I purchased mine.

In the end I purchased a new VX-3 4.5-14x LR. I'll send it in and get the reticle and knobs I want and I'll have the scope I want for a couple hundred less than the VX-7.

Sorry my memory isn't great on the details of the turrets. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Yea, I hear ya on the reticles. I wish Leupold would come out with a MOA reticle similar to the TMR (1 or 2 Moa spacing). Nightforce has as least 3 different reticles that are marked w/ some form of MOA reference, and at least two different reticles that feature the MILL system. Love the NF's but too heavy for the gun I am getting built.................Thanks for your reply.
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