Leupold Varmint Hunter's reticle

Mike in NC

Aug 13, 2004
Leupold Varmint Hunter\'s reticle

Is this a wire reticle or an etched reticle?

I have the impression that an etched reticle is better (less likely to break). Is this true?

Re: Leupold Varmint Hunter\'s reticle

Mike ,
It's got to be etched because some of the windage dots "float in mid air" eg. no wire to connect them to anything else .
I have one and it works quite well once you find the optimum power setting for your load . Drop chart required .
Re: Leupold Varmint Hunter\'s reticle

Get Exbal Ballistic Calculator when u purchase your ballistic reticle, and it'll zero all those stadia lines for u, even calculate a different magnification for a better reticle/trajectory "fit" if u so desire, and many other things. Here's a link to it-- www.perry-systems.com

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