Leupold M1 or M3 turrets?


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Dec 26, 2003
I know this get asked all the time, but I could not find any back posts on this specifically. I have narrowed down my scope choide at this time to a Leupold 3.5x10 long range tactical mildot, with either the M1 dials or the M3 dials.

What is the pro's and con's here?

How precise can you get with the 1moa elevation dials on the M3? Groundhogs at 600 yards???

Thanks for any help here!

You may want to look at these links: M3 scope info

hot tips

If you have time to search through the Sniper Country archives you will have reams of information.

To answer your question about groundhogs at 600,, I don't see think that would be an issue. If you feel you need finer adjustments, you can turn the dial in between clicks for a rough .5moa adjustment. If you don't like that idea, go with the M1 turrets.

From my experience and talking with a lot of folks who use both.

For tactical or long-range competitions at know distances, the M3 with the BDC is the way to go. The turrets are cammed for a specific caliber/load/bullet and velocity. It's very fast to dial to your distance, point and shoot. With the M3, you can't lose track of how many revolutions you have gone around on your turret.

For hunting and long range shooting at unknown distances the M1 is the way to go. Especially if you're shooting a caliber/load/bullet or velocity that does not have a BDC cam for the M3 turrets. One negative with the M1, at long distances, it can be easy to forget how many revolutions you've gone around on a M1 Turret.

I have the M1 turrets on one of my rifles and I like them a lot.

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The M3 BDCs are pretty limited unless you get a custom one made and then you might as well go with the ¼ MOA M1 and have the finer adjustments.

At 600 yds you get 6" per click and if your chuck is in the horizontal position he is only 4" tall.

Check out Kenton Industries for custom made BDCs. I have had some made and they did a great job. You can get one to EXACTLY match your rifle/ammo/temp/altitude for either M1 or M3 turrets.
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the 3.5-10X has markings every one moa(the MK4 10X does not),so even if your round does not *fit* the BDC on the turet you still can use it with the range card you should have for the distanses you shoot.
At 600Y for exmple if your come ups are 15.5 moa you dial either 15 or 16moa and you hold over or under 1/2moa..then you can get your chuck
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