Leupold M3 Turrets

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Dec 28, 2001
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After "getting by" with my Stoney Point knobs for a couple of years, I've decided it's time for something better. So far, it looks like these are the best choice for me but I'm looking for some opinions from those who have used them.

Much searching seems to show that not many people here use these. I'm guessing the main reason is the 1 MOA elevation adjustment is simply to coarse for what many here do? I'm wondering if this would really be a problem for me. Although I like to practice much farther, realistically I'm just not good enough yet to go beyond 600 yds or so.

So, possibly being off up to 3" at that range doesn't scare me that much for putting one in the vitals of a deer or elk--especially if I know the ranges at which it occurs beforehand. Growing up I'd always sight the rifle for 3" high at 100 and that never bothered me for 100 yd shots.

What do you guys think?

Their biggest attraction is their low height:



They're hardly any taller than a regular scope cap, which I think will make them MUCH more friendly to saddle scabbards than any of the other turrets out there. Has anybody here used them in a scabbard while hunting from horseback?

You can see how they make a much more compact package than the M1's for this use:


Compared with:


And going hand-in-hand with the 1 MOA adjustments, if these do get moved around they'll never be off by more than a full turn. Just make sure they point at zero and you know they're on.

And they at least look like they're tough as hell. Waterproof without any caps to worry about, etc.

The plan (at the moment) is to have them istalled in a VX-III 4.5-14x40mm Long Range.

BTW, I don't really care much about the BDC stuff, I'll ignore those numbers and know my clicks just like if I was using any other turrets.

I'm just thinking out loud here and thought maybe somebody here who has used these has some experience to offer or insight to let me know if I'm going down the wrong path.

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If you're just after big game they're very nice, varmint hunters would have an issue with them due to the 1 MOA adjustment (elevation). They're .5 MOA on windage and that turret is NOT limited to one revolution so be careful in the scabbard.

I don't believe these can be fitted to an existing scope so you'd need to buy a M3 type scope. I have a couple of M3 types, one M3 LR (3.5 x 10) and one MK4 M3A (10x).
Thanks, Dave. I saw in Premier Reticle's FAQ that they couldn't install them. I was counting on the Leupold Custom Shop to do it:
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Adding target-style adjustment knobs to your scope is just one example of the adjustment dial options you have from the Leupold Custom Shop. We can install the dials of your choice in almost any Leupold scope....<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
But I do have an email to them sent already to confirm they can do it. If not, I'll start working on that "Plan B."

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I heard back from Leupold. No can do on the M3 turrets. No wonder not many people use them--you can only get them on an M3 scope.

Oh well, time to start working on Plan B....

Keep an eye out for these M3 types on the various boards sales forum (more the tactical type I'd guess). I bought two (2) at Cabela's in the bargain cave (new but not very popular at Cabela's I guess), the M3LR was only $570 and the MK4 M3 was $820 as I recall +- of course.
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