Leupold B&C reticle

I use one and really like it. It's set up on a 300 WM pack rifle. I find that the hash marks are good to 500 yards if I sight in for 200. It's not quite as accurate as dialing but only a couple inches off.
I have a Leupold vx-III 4.5 x 14 with the B&C reticle on a Ruger 270 Win. Like Moman says it's good out to 500 yards.

I live in Northeast Louisiana and when I've shot at a local range out to 500 yards it was on. If memory serves me correct I hit 2 inches high at 500 yards with a 200 yard zero. If you're not going to shoot further than 500 yards go with it. If you want to go past 500 yards dial the range.

I have the VH and it isn't nearly as versatile as the mil-dot or better yet the TMR.

The only good thing about it , to me, is the thin reticle for longer shots.
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I have 2 both vx-3 4.5-14 40mm lens 30 mm tube BC. I have them on my 25-284 and 257 whby. Practiced before i went to co. and work very well. Do your home work first, chrono load then run it on a ballistic calculator. Remember the main intersection is 200 yards zero, next line bullet drop is around 7", next is 20", then 30", last is 41". Then compare where your load is dropping and match up close. With my rifles i actually gained yardage for example my 500 yard hash will work for 575 yards. My first time out shooting i was shooting at 430 yards with 400 yard hash and shooting 2" high. checking the table for my load the scope worked with in 1", not bad.
Don't go B&C the reticule is too thick. Get the Varmint Hunter if you are shooting a fast rifle. the reticules are fine. I shoot my 270 to 500 yards with no problem. If you know your actual MV you can figure the large and small triangle distances and get 9 dead on aiming points by moving the power selector. I LOVE MINE. I have 5.

Also, get target torrents and you can order a custom dial to shoot past your lowest reticule. The are 63 bucks and work great. You have to actually know your MV, not guess at it. But they are amazing. I have 4 of those and shoot to 800 with them on weekly basis.
tell me about your custon dial. i can get around an extra 50 yards due to my vel. but im lost past 550.
Leupold builds a custom dial for 63 bucks. You give them
bullet weight, caliber, make/model, BC if you have it, they usually do if you don't.
Avg temp, altitude
Your zero yardage
And most importantly! A good muzzle velocity.

They send you a dial to replace yours that allows you to dial the yardage, not count clicks.
When I shoot 700 yards, I turn the dial till it says 7 and your dead on. They are awesome for the money.

If you shoot multiple reticules, like BC or VH pick the furtherst out that you are comfortable with. I like the 400 yard marker, and tell them your gun is zeroed at 400. Then the dial starts at 400. Gives you more room for adjustment. My 270 can dial to 1000 because I start the dial at 400. I shoot the reticules from 400 in, and shoot the 400 yard reticule and dial for everything past 400. I've got the big target torrents so it buys you more turns for yardage because they can print 3 full turns that gets me to 1000. if your torrents are shorter, they can't print unique numbers on them as far out. That's another reason to start your zero with the later reticules.

I've even got one on order for my competition 22!

I've got them for my 308, 270, 223 and 2506. They are AWESOME for 63 bucks!
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